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As national healthcare topics continue to play an increasingly prominent role in today's society and economy, healthcare transactions likewise continue to increase in size and value. EBG's real estate attorneys are experienced in handling the complexities of such large transactions, most of which involve numerous, if not hundreds, of properties located throughout the United States.

For our clients – including public and private equity funds – which purchase healthcare portfolios, we perform pre-bid due diligence to help assess real estate-related assets and their value, followed by a more extensive due diligence review of title, survey, environmental, zoning, and physical plant matters. We also negotiate and close the acquisition and financing transactions.

For our clients which sell healthcare portfolios, we assist in preparing the properties for sale by addressing title, environmental, and zoning issues, abstracting leases, and obtaining landlord and third party consents. Our experience in financing healthcare transactions enables us to help define priorities and focus on major issues which purchasers and lenders may raise.